It is 5am and the air is crisp and cold. The early morning half-light is giving way to a beautiful South Carolina sunrise. The black Labrador retriever is trembling with anticipation. Your camouflaged blind is artfully concealed among one of the many flooded acres of ponds that has been managed just for this purpose. For this one moment in time........
And as the the darkness fades and those words cut through morning chill, "Now"!
Your shotgun raises and the sky is engulfed in ducks coming from all angles. As the first shots ring out, the lab leaps and the water is cut like a knife. Before the morning is even underway your limit is reached and your escorted back to a roaring fire underneath an oak tree to survey your mornings bounty.
This is the Featherhorn Farm experience.
With our endless pursuit to bring you the ultimate waterfowl and outdoor adventure we strive to give you that once in a lifetime hunting experience. We offer deer, dove, quail, and world class duck hunting that is second to none.